Kennedy Swim School Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each swim lesson?

Each swimming lesson is 20 minutes long so it is important that you show up on time. After years of teaching swim lessons we have found that 20 minutes is an ideal length for private swimming instruction.

How many swim lessons per week?

Students typically sign up for one swimming lesson per week for each session, although some take twice per week.

Can both of my kids take private swim lessons at the same time?

Certainly! We work with you to find a time slot that works for your family. Or, if you prefer, you can choose consecutive time slots. Once you register and submit your deposit, your time is reserved for the session. Customers are advised to register early to reserve a time slot for future sessions.

Do you offer group or semi-private swim lessons?

No. All swim lessons are private – one student per teacher. In group swimming lessons, students spend a majority of their time waiting for their turn and sharing a teacher’s attention. Our students progress faster and have more fun because they are swimming with an instructor the whole time!

A session has already started - is it too late to register?
Late registrations are welcome if spots are available. Price will be prorated.
Can I request a swim teacher?

Students and parents grow fond of particular teachers. We strive to provide the best swimming experience possible and will do our best to accommodate requests and maintain consistency. However, we do not guarantee a teacher and reserve the right to change teachers if scheduling or other considerations require it.

We have a conflict; can we reschedule a lesson?

At Kennedy Swim School, we allow great flexibility in scheduling lessons. Unfortunately, all registrations are final and we cannot accommodate changes. Please be sure to plan ahead when scheduling your private swim lessons.

What swimming levels do you have?

We don’t have any levels. We train our swim teachers to recognize each student’s abilities and learning style, and to continuously challenge the student to improve. This allows each student to learn at his or her own pace with customized swimming instruction.

Do you accept students with special needs?

Kennedy Swim School has been serving students with disabilities and special needs for 40 years. Our one-on-one swimming instruction allows us to provide the attention and support to meet each student’s needs.

Kennedy Swim School
Iowa City, IA
(319) 621-9019

All swim lessons are held at the Hampton Inn University Area, 4 Sturgis Corner Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240 (between Staples and the Village Inn restaurant).